Andy Busuttil

A multi-talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, and audio engineer, Australia’s Andy Busuttil has vast musical experience as both a performer and teacher. Andy’s specialty is the folk music of the Middle East, the Balkans and Asia Minor, and he has played with many musicians and bands from many genres in music. His current projects are focused on his home islands of the Maltese Archipelago. His studio (Blue Mountain Sound) is well known in Australia and has produced, mixed and mastered many fine albums.


Ittai Shaked

A violinist and audio engineer, Ittai Shaked grew up in Israel and studied music production on both the east and west coasts of the United States. Ittai has participated in a variety of world music projects, including Berkeley, California’s acclaimed Za’atar Ensemble, as well as Tel Aviv-based Middle Eastern rockers Ha’Sukaryot. By day, Ittai is a quality assurance coordinator for Waves, the GRAMMY® award-winning audio software firm.


Ümit Ceyhan

A singer and multi-instrumentalist currently living in Toulouse, France, Ümit Ceyhan is a native of Turkey, schooled in the traditional music of Anatolia. A true renaissance man, with a background in sound engineering, instrument making and film direction, Ümit currently works as a performing musician and composer, as well as a teacher of the sonic and cinematic arts at the University of Toulouse.