All tracks were recorded at:  Blue Mountain Studio, Hazelbrook, NSW, Australia
Double Espresso Studio, Tel Aviv, Israel
Babelson Studio, Toulouse, France
Additional recordings: Gil Colter (Trk 2 & 5)
Editing and Mix: Ittai Shaked (except for Trk 4; Andy Busuttil)
Mastering: Andy Busuttil
CD graphic design: Ronit Shaked

Andy Busuttil: Indijanke Bongos, Seed Pods, Zils, Clarinet, Darabuka, Sax, Vocals, Zurna, Flageolet, Defi, Seed Pods, Davul, Zurna and Saxillo.

Ümit Ceyhan: Vocals, Saz, Cura, Kopuz, Daf, Classic and Electric Guitar, Baglama and Bendir.

Ittai Shaked: Violin, Viola, Electric Cello, Bass Violin, Synth progtamming and Vocals.

Guest players:
Doron Furman: Oud (Trk 2 & 5)
Bertie McMahon: Bass (Trk 1)
Oshrat Fahima: Lead Vocal (Trk 6)
Greg Seiler: Moog and Bass Programming (Trk 9)
Elad Kinnar: Upright Bass (Trk 10)
Pierre Blanchut: Santur (Trk 3)


Andy Busuttil
I would like to thank my sister, Mary-Rose Price, my dear friend Zahra Farag,
My heroic wife Denise Newton and my friend and lifelong inspiration Linsey Pollak
And to TBP brothers.

Ittai Shaked
My biggest thanks go to my loving wife, Sharon and to my two sweet sons, Ido and Omer who missed my good night kiss and bed time story when I went to the studio for long night sessionss.
I would also like to thank my good friends at Waves Audio who gave me the spirit and support.
My last thanks are to my dear sister Ronit (who designed the art of this CD) and to my parents who kept asking me to practice my violin.

Ümit Ceyhan
I would love to thank my Wife Özlem and my daughter Amélie , Waves for the great software we used to produce this music, and everyone I know… With love!

The Bridge Project would like to specially thank all the guest musicians who helped us complete this CD: Oshrat Fahima, Greg SeilerPierre Blanchut, Bertie McMahon, Elad Kinnar, Doron Furman and to WAVES AUDIO family.